360° Mega Pixel Camera

For 17 years, we have pursued the superiority of fisheye lenses for the surveillance cameras.
A single unit can capture 360 degree images of the entire surroundings, contributing to society with an outstanding cost-performance product.



The home page is renewed listing with PLC220-12M.


We exhibited at the Tokyo International Fire and Disaster Prevention Exhibition 2023 held from June 15th (Thursday) to June 18th (Sunday), 2023.


A new product release ! 12MP High Resolution Car-top 360°camera PLC220-12M


The page of "Products List" was added.


The page of "Products" was renewed by adding the Comparison Table for Fisheye Cameras / How to choose a 360°camera..


Start Selling of Ultra High Resolution 360° Surveillance Camera NUD360-F


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